333 Track Hubs

Aerodynamics, light weight, stiffness, strength, and serviceability. These are the qualities sought after in any track racing hubset. Zipp 333 Track Hubs deliver on all counts. With industry leading aerodynamics, our lightweight and strong 7075 aluminum alloy hubshells and 7075 aluminum axle are made to excel in the rigorous demands of track racing.

Our 333 front hub makes use of a 54mm spoke hole circle diameter and a 15mm oversized 7075 aluminum axle, while the 333 rear hub features an asymmetrical 58mm (non-drive)/70mm (drive) spoke hole circle. The asymmetrical flange design yields equal tension on both the drive side and non-drive side of the rear wheel. This completely eliminates torsional deflection through the hub shell providing immediate acceleration and flawless tracking through turns on the velodrome under power. To ensure consistent spoke tension and support for the spokes, the hub flanges of the 333 are angled inward to provide a direct path from a spoke’s j-bend straight to the rim.

We also took care to make the 333 hubset easy to service. Removing the wheels from the bike is handled with a common 6mm Allen wrench. Likewise, axle locknuts are made to interface with standard open end wrenches, rather than cone wrenches. Accessing and inspecting the bearings couldn’t be easier.

Wheels Utilized In:
404 Track and 808 Track

Zipp 333 track hub front
Front Hub:
Weight 215g
Flange Spoke Circle Diameter 54mm
Outer Locknut Dimension 100mm
Axle diameter 15mm
Bearings 2x 6902 (15x28x7mm)
Spoke Counts 20/28
Zipp 333 track hub rear
Rear Hub:
Weight 270g
Non-Drive Flange Spoke Circle Diameter 58mm
Drive Flange Spoke Circle Diameter 70mm
Outer Locknut Dimension 120mm
Axle diameter 17mm
Non-Drive Side Bearing 6903 (17x30x7mm)
Drive Side Bearing 63803 (17x28x7mm)
Spoke Counts 24/28