Zipp 182 disc hub - exploded view

Instructions for removing bearings from a disc.

Tools needed:

  • Punch - flat tip
  • Hammer
  1. Using the punch, push the spacer that is between the 2 bearings to one side.
  2. Put the punch through the hub placing the tip on the inner diameter of the drive side bearing.
  3. Gently tap the punch with hammer and repeat the tapping in a rotation moving around on all of the bearing until the bearing is out of the hub.
    Important: be sure to tap all around so you don’t push one side of the bearing out farther than the other.
  4. Turn the disc over and repeat step

Bearing Installation

  1. Place a new bearing centered over the bearing bore of one end of the hub.
  2. Using a .950" diameter tube as a driving tool, gently tap the bearing into the bore until it stops moving. Be sure to keep the tool square and centered on the OD of the bearing.
  3. Insert the bearing spacer tube back into the hub bore and repeat steps 1 and 2 making sure to stop when the bearing ID contacts the spacer tube.
  4. Check the location of the spacer and use the punch from the removal procedure to center the spacer between the bearings. The spacer should be lightly pinched between the bearings so that it can be moved from side to side against light friction with the punch.
  5. Install axle assembly and check for bearing free turning.
  6. Install the wheel in a frame as you would for riding and check for free spin as the axle is tightened. If the bearings begin to bind as the axle is being clamped in the frame, retap both bearing ODs with the .950" driving tool.