Hub Timeline

ZIPP BALLISTIC (1992-1993)

The original ZIPP hub, the Ballistic front and rear hub set is identified by gold anodized hub flanges and large diameter carbon fiber center section. The Ballistic rear hub was available in 7 and 8 speed freewheel models (left) as well as a Shimano compatible 8-speed free hub (right). Flange diameter is 43mm (both types), for free hub type: center to flange front = 35mm, center to drive 19mm center to non-drive = 36mm front = 110gm rear cassette = 305gm. This hub model incorporated a wave spring preload system and used R6 bearings. Note the black free hub body with threads on the end, only available in Shimano style.  Status: Discontinued. Please contact ZIPP Speed Weaponry for service information.

ZIPP 295 REAR AND 104 FRONT HUBS (1993-'95)

The 295 and 104 retain the large diameter carbon fiber center section of original Ballistic hub set, but are anodized a Smoke/Silver Gray color. This hub set is a refinement of the original Ballistic hub concept and still used R6 bearings. All internal parts are interchangeable with the original Ballistic hub models except for the end caps. The 295 rear was also available in 7 or 8 speed freewheel models as well as a Shimano 8 speed free hub (shown here). Not available in Campagnolo style Status: Discontinued. Please contact ZIPP Speed Weaponry for service information.

Maintenance and Repair Guide


A front hub designed for mtb. applications with front suspension, the ZIPP 145 was rated the stiffest suspension hub available by VeloNews. This hub is recognized by the large diameter carbon fiber center section and by the grease injection ports on each hub flange. Hub flanges are anodized Smoke/Silver Gray with a laser etched ZIPP logo.

Note: Remove the outer end cap and seals before injecting new grease. Use regular bearing grease. Hub also features 19mm hollow over-sized axle and over-sized 6092 bearings with an auxiliary seal. Status: Discontinued please contact ZIPP Speed Weaponry for Service information.

ZIPP 217 REAR AND 100 FRONT HUBS (1995-99)

The 217 and 100 front are recognized by their narrow carbon fiber center sections and Smoke/Silver Gray laser ZIPP logo etched flanges. The 217 is an extremely light high performance rear hub, with an average weight of 220 grams and used R6 bearings. The free hub body is Stainless Steel. To achieve its lightweight without sacrificing durability, the 217 free-hub body rotates on two non-contact bushings rather than traditional ball or cartridge bearings. The free hub mechanism is very simple and reliable. Remember, however, that the free-hub body is essentially "floating" on a thin film of lubricant across the surfaces of the bushings.

The free-hub body must be lubricated every 300-500 miles. Look at the back of the drive-side flange for the lubrication port. Lubricant is injected through this port while holding the free hub body facing downward and rotating the mechanism. It is essential to use only specially formulated Zipp Lube or Zipp recommended lubricants. Any other lubricant will almost certainly cause the hub mechanism to malfunction!. The 217 rear hub is available in Shimano 8 and 9 speed compatible free hubs as well as Campagnolo compatible 8 speed free hubs. Note the free hubs look very similar - the Campy has one wider spline. Technical data: weight = 223gm, spacing = 130mm (8sp), flange diameter = 43mm, center to drive = 19mm, center to non-drive = 36mm. Maintenance notes model 217. Maintenance notes Model 100.  Bearings model 100 = 2 x R6. Model 217 = 2 x R6. The free hub body needs a special bearing cup removal tool to disassemble. Status discontinued

Maintenance and Repair Guide

ZIPP 377 REAR and 182 FRONT HUBS (1998)

The 182 front and 377 rear hub set are designed to offer a more traditional hub mechanism with a combination of performance, weight, durability, and value. This hub set is recognizable from other ZIPP hubs by its all aluminum hub shell construction and distinctive hour-glass hub body . This hub series used 6001 2RS bearings. The hubs are anodized Smoke/Silver Gray with a laser etched ZIPP logo. Shimano 8 and 9 speed compatible. Complete service information is available by contacting ZIPP Technical and Customer Service.

Maintenance and Repair Guide

ZIPP 282 REAR AND 102 FRONT HUBS (1999 to 2001)

The 102 front and 282 rear hubs are an ideal combination of performance, weight, durability, and value. Recognizable from other ZIPP hubs by their black anodized all aluminum hub construction; the 102 and 282 are available for both Shimano 8/9 speed and Campagnolo 9/10 speed systems. The 102 and 282 are the first ZIPP hubs to utilize butted or oval straight pull spokes. Free-hub bodies are interchangeable. Both front and rear hubs turn on the highest quality industrial cartridge bearings available. These bearings were used in a number of subsequent ZIPP wheel sets. If you need parts for the 2 pawl earlier 282 hub (shown above - often called the Swiss version), you must change axle, end caps and free-hub to upgrade to the 3 pawl (USA) model. Hub maintenance notes. Status: discontinued, parts are difficult to find.

Front = 2 x 61900
Rear = 1 x 6901 2RS, 1 x 6001 2RS
Free hub = 2 x 6901 2RS (we do not recommend replacing these - very tricky)

Note: early 282 hubs may be silver. When interchanging free hub bodies, check to see if the existing hub uses two or three pawls in the engagement mechanism and check bearing seal color.

In mid-2001 a 'USA' built version of the 282 was introduced. It is laser etched in the center of the hub flange with "USA" in silver on the black hub shell. Free-hub bodies are not inter-changeable between earlier 'swiss' versions and the usa version (shown on left). Model 102 front: flange diameter = 23mm, center to flange = 39mm. Model 282 rear free hub: drive side flange = 51mm, non-drive flange = 33.5mm, center to drive side flange = 12mm, center to non-drive flange = 35mm. Maintenance notes.
Free hub bodies: 'USA' have blue bearings seals, 'Swiss' has black bearing seals - not inter-changeable.

Front = 2 x 6900-2RS
Rear = non-drive 1 x 6901 RS, drive= 60012RS
Free hub = 2 x 6901RS (we do not recommend replacing these - very tricky)

Maintenance and Repair Guide

ZIPP 202 REAR and 84 FRONT hubs (2002-2005)

Al alloy silver polished hub bodies, most easily recognized by carbon weave protective end caps on both front and rear hubs. Available for either Shimano or Campagnolo, the bodies are interchangeable, but are not compatible with earlier models due to over-sized 15mm axle on the 202 rear and 84 front hubs.

There are 2 versions of the silver free hub body for this hub model. The 202W free hub has a solid silver ring on the free hub side adjoining the pawls, while the 202P has grooves that are machined all the way through with a slight 'lip' at the end of each spline.

Status discontinued (2012), spare parts (e.g. axles and non-drive end caps) may not be available or will be very hard to find.

Front hub = 2 x 61802 (15/24/5)
Rear hub body = 1 x 61802 1 x 61902 (15/28/7)
Free hub = 2 x 61802 (we do not recommend replacing these - very tricky)

Maintenance and Repair Guide

ZIPP 182 REAR and 82 FRONT HUBS (2006-2008)

These hubs are distinguished from the 202/84 model by brightly colored free hub bodies (Shimano red, Campagnolo blue), a plastic retaining ring behind the carbon hub caps, a reduction in weight (30g), redesigned pawl springs and an increase in the rear ear flange dimensions (52mm). Read the full description and access the drawings here. Maintenance instructions here.

Front = 2 x 61802
Rear = 2 x 61802
Free hub = 2 x 61802 (we do not recommend replacing these - very tricky)

Maintenance and Repair Guide


A silver polished Al alloy hub body matched to traditional hub flanges and silver free-hub body distinguish this hub. Like the 84/202 hub set, these hubs also have the carbon dust caps, held on with a rubber retaining ring. Most of the internals are interchangeable with the 84/202. Available in 28 and 32 holes. Call for information concerning compatibility between the two hubs. Status: discontinued, contact ZIPP customer service for replacement parts.


This hub set uses Hi / Lo rear flange geometry (58/47mm) to increase lateral and torsional stiffness. Has colored free hub bodies and may be laced radially. During 2009 this hub was used in the team issue wheels only.

Front hub model 108 pdf
Rear hub model 208 pdf

Front hub = 20, 28, 32 holes
Rear hub = 24, 28, 32 holes
Front = 2 x 61802
Rear = 2 x 61802
Free hub = 2 x 61802 (we do not recommend replacing these - very tricky)


A completely new design, these hubs have a 17mm axle, pawls with individual leaf springs, 32 teeth ratchet ring, slotted flanges, aero clinch nuts, internal seals and lateral play adjustment. Front end caps are smoke colored with blue/smoke or red rear end caps. Wheel lacing is reversed with 2x drive and radial non-dive spoke pattern. Free hubs are NOT inter-changeable and require a separate conversion kit that includes spacers, seal and matching end cap. Maintenance instructions are available here including exploded diagrams. The rear end caps on Shimano hubs changed from smoke to red in November 2009.
Zipp 88 Bicycle Wheel Hubs Recall Notice

In May 2010 the 88 front hub spoke retention ring and clinch nut were altered. The spoke retention ring was made thinner, clinch nut diameter enlarged and the boss shape changed. Older version is on the left of the image above.

88/188 – October 2011

Re-design (V7) and improve the current 88/188 hubs with canted, rear, non-drive flange and rear axle changed to accommodate 7.5mm wider non-drive bearing location. Hub are offered in two color options - falcon gray and beyond black across the wheel line, (October 2011).

These changes improve rear 188 hub axle durability and allow 6% stiffer wheels to be built with the same spoke tension. On the 88 front hub, the only change is the color options – the silver and ZedTech hub 88/188 hub versions are discontinued.

Note: the rear 188 hub shell and axle are NOT compatible with the earlier silver version. The bearings (61803) end caps and seals remain unchanged.

Front hubs = 16, 18, 24
Rear hubs = 20, 24
Front = 2 x 61803 (17/26/5)
Rear = 2 x 61803
Free hub = 2 x 61803 (we do not recommend replacing these - very tricky)

Maintenance and Repair Guide

JULY 2012

To accommodate Campy11 electronic, we re-machined blue anodized Campagnolo free hubs to remove a small notch at the start of the splines. During July 2012 all available 182 and 188 free hubs were reworked. Going forward new blue Campy11 free hubs will be fully anodized with no silver markings.

2013 NEW ZIPP V8 188 HUB FOR 11 SPEED.

In October 2012 a new rear hub version was released to accommodate Shimano11 and Campagnolo 11 speed drive chains. The 188 V7 (2012 gray and black) rear hub was modified as follows:

  1. Overall drop to drop length (OLD) is increased by 0.8mm
  2. Axle internal diameter is reduced by 1.0mm (walls are thickened to increase axle strength) (left in image)
  3. Non-drive side rear end cap is reduced by 1mm, ‘O’ ring removed and colored black (left in image)
  4. New 11 speed free hub with laser etching, serial number and shim for 10 speed

The V8 88/188 hubs are only available in black, they build a rear wheel which is more durable and marginally stiffer at the same spoke tension. The axle, end cap and free hub are not compatible with the older hub versions (2009-2012). A conversion service is available for only for 2012 188 hubs (gray or black) from Zipp certified wheel builders. The conversion kit is not sold after-market.

November 2012 – revised V6 black rear axle with thicker wall and anno treatment replaces original gray V6 axle. Note the revised axle uses the black end cap and not the red or blue.

In March 2013 the 10 speed ring spacer changed from silver to black in color. This spacer must be inserted first (ahead of the cog set) with the smooth side towards the spokes. The 1.85mm spacer is needed to run 9 or 10 speed Shimano or SRAM cogs with the 11 speed free hub.

July 2013 - Disc Brake Hub

We introduced the 303 Firecrest disc brake wheel set with new front and rear black Zipp disc brake hubs, 24/24 spokes 100mm front and 135mm rear spacing. Note the spoke angles for disc brake wheels are different (lower angles) than regular road brake wheels and the lacing pattern is 1x, 1x front and 2x,2x on the rear.

Rear hub – 61903 x 2
Free hub – 61803 x 2
Front hub - 61803 x 2

2014 V9 rear hub

In September 2013 we released a stronger and more durable revised 188 rear hub. Larger 2 x 61903 hub bearings, wider non-drive flange, virtual 3x cross lacing on drive and non-drive sides. Front hub remains unchanged (V7).

2014 V9 88 front hub

Zipp 88 front hub - V9 The Zipp 88 front hub received an in-line change (February 2014) to increase durability & performance. The retaining ring that was previously used has been elimated and the spoke slot depth increased. We made a similar design change to the rear 188 V9 last Fall. This front hub change does not affect spoke length, price, part numbers or function.


Zipp 30 2013-current

Zipp 60 2013-current

In March 2013, we introduced new Zipp designed hubs for entry-level Zipp 30 and 60 wheel sets. These durable black 10 or 11 speed compatible hubs are made in Taiwan, have high quality stainless steel bearings, matt (Zipp30) or shiny (Zipp60) finish with no lateral play adjustment, weights are front 122g and rear 249g. Spoke counts are front 18 and rear 20.

The hub shell is formed from ultra-strong and lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum. The front hub and driver body has 26mm X 17mm X 5mm (6803) stainless steel bearings. The rear hub has 30mm X 17mm X 7mm (6903) stainless steel bearings.

Note: hubs are not sold as separate items, only in the corresponding wheel sets.

2015 – 77/177 Hubset

Wheels Utilized In: Rim-brake versions of 202 Tubular and 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher, 303 Firecrest Tubular and Carbon Clincher, 808 Tubular and Carbon Clincher, 30 Course Tubular and Clincher

77/177 hubset raises Firecrest to whole new level: Best-in-class durability and improved bearing protection with no pre-load adjustment needed. Optimized flange geometry and spoke hole attachment pattern with Sapim® CX-Sprint spokes (CX-Ray for 202 Tubular) to optimize torsional and lateral stiffness without sacrificing weight or robustness.

Weight: 110g front; 250g rear
Spoke Counts: 18/24
Bearings: 61803 front
61903 rear drive and non-drive sides

2015 – 77/177D Hubset

Wheels Utilized In: 202 Firecrest Disc-brake Carbon Clincher Disc-brake, 303 Firecrest Disc-brake Tubular and Disc-brake Carbon Clincher, 30 Course Disc-brake Tubular and Clincher

Introduced in 2015, the 77/177D hubset is engineered for versatility, durability and simplicity. Proprietary flange geometry and spoke hole attachment pattern with Sapim® CX Ray® spokes to optimize torsional and lateral stiffness without sacrificing weight or robustness.

Weight: 140g front; 269g rear
Spoke Counts: 24/24
Bearings: 61903

2015 – Cognition Hubset

Wheels Utilized In: Wheels Utilized In: 808 NSW Carbon Clincher

With the Cognition™ hubset with Axial Clutch™ technology reduces drag by disengaging the ratchet mechanism when coasting. So you can approach corners at higher speeds, and ultimately, save time. A star-flanged straight-pull hubshell design on the rear hub distributes the load placed on the hub flange away from the bearings. We’ve also developed a unique scalloped edge hubshell design for our front hub. This scalloped design maintains the bearing bore diameter when high radial spoke tension is applied. That means you get bearings that quietly stay in place, roll faster, last longer, and provide a laterally stiffer hub.

Weight: 110g front; 225g rear
Spoke Counts: 18/24
Bearings: Swiss ABEC 5
- 61803 front
- 61804 rear drive
- 61903 rear non-drive



Classic high flanged front and rear track hubs. Simple, reliable, and a joy to ride. Drilled and slotted for bladed spokes. The 1st generation had a smooth hub body (right) with the Zipp logo on one flange. This was later changed to raised mid section engraved with Zipp speed weaponry (left). Used 2 6001 RS bearings. Status: Discontinued. Contact Zipp for Service information.


Black anodized hour-glass shaped front (152g) and rear (219g) hub set, 28/28 holes. This was built into the first Zipp 404 track wheel sets. Similar to the Edco "Victory" hub set. Status: discontinued.

Maintenance and Repair Guide

ZIPP T2 TRACK HUBS (2003 - 2015)

Built with a 69mm diameter flange (locating spokes on a 60mm circle) and increased strength in the spoke holes due to SHIFT technology, this hub can be laced radially. Recently (right image) we introduced 20hole front and 24hole rear to add to the 28/28 and 32/32 combinations (left image). The locking nuts are 9mm in front and 10mm rear with a knurled ring. See these diagrams for detailed measurements, T2 front, T2 rear

ZIPP 217 DISC HUB (1995-1999)

Brushed aluminum, long conical flange with silver end caps and internals, compatible with the 217 road hub. 8/9 speed free hub, used R6 bearings throughout. Note Zipp no longer has any spare parts (bearing excluded) for this hub.

Maintenance and Repair Guide


Early convertible track disc hub (left) - used R6 bearings. Now discontinued. Current 282 road disc hub (2002 ) cannot be converted to a track disc. Uses a 282E free hub.

Rear = non-drive 1 x 6901 RS, drive= 6001 2RS
Free hub = 2 x 6901 RS

ZIPP 182 SILVER DISC HUB (2003 - 2012)

This track hub set is convertible between a road or track disc through swapping the axle. An earlier version (2003-2005) used a silver free hub (202P) and a 2004 track conversion axle.

Bearings 2004/5
Hub 1 x 61802 (15/24/5), 1 x 61902 (15/28/7) Free hub 2 x 61802 (we do not recommend replacing these - very tricky)
Bearings 2006
Hub = 2 x 61802
Free hub = 2 x 61802 (we do not recommend replacing these - very tricky)

Zipp 188 Super-9 disc hub (2010-2012)

Our disc hub set is convertible between a road or track disc through swapping out the axle. This hub has a 17mm axle for increased stiffness, distinctive flange shape, clinch nut and light tan colored knurled nuts. Ceramic bearings may be purchased after-market from a Zipp dealer or come standard with the ZedTech version. The track or road axle conversion kits may be purchased separately.

Hub = 2 x 61803
Free hub = 2 x 61803


In January 2013, a new black 11 speed disc hub replaced the silver 182 and 188 disc hubs. The flange shape and hub shell is the same, but the Super-9 hub has a wider non-drive flange spacing to accommodate the thicker disc. The road version free hubs are identical with the 11 speed 188 road hub and interchangeable. The different hubs are identified by their serial numbers prior to molding (click image to enlarge). A track axle conversion kit is planned for release in the summer.

Hub = 1 x 61803, 1 x 61903
Free hub = 2 x 61803


The Zipp track front hub has a brushed aluminum finish, white Zipp logo engraved on one flange and a distinctive symetrical conical cone with silver end caps and black track caps. Press the R6 bearing onto the axle and insert into the flange with the wave spring, then press fir the bearing onto the axle on the other side.

2 x R6 - H0042


Rounded black anodized flanges sets the wheelchair disc hub apart from all others. The axle assembly has a bolt on flange. Uses 2 x R8 bearings.

2 x R8

2015 – 333 Track Hubset

Wheels Utilized In: 404 Firecrest Track Tubular, 808 Firecrest Track Tubular

Introduced in 2015 and designed from the ground up for the rigors of track racing, this impressively light weight hubset makes use of oversized hub bearings and axles that work together to produce a wheelset with superior load carrying capacity and bombproof reliability. The 333 hubshell also incorporates industry leading aerodynamics and asymmetrical hub flanges on the rear hub for balanced spoke tension, immediate acceleration and flawless tracking through turns.

Weight: 215g front, 270g rear
Spoke Counts: 28/28 404, 20/24 808
- 61803 front
- 61903 rear non-drive