Note: Production of the Zipp SL 145 stem ended in July 2013. Zipp will continue to provide ongoing support for this product through our normal sales/service channels.

See the Zipp SL Sprint as an alternative stem.

The SL145™ stem is a perfect example of the determination our engineers display when faced with a challenge. It requires 50 sections of hand-wrapped carbon cloth, titanium bolts sourced from the same Italian producer used by the Ducati® MotoGP racing program, and a stainless steel insert within the anodized black faceplate.

Simply put, the SL145 was not easy to design and it’s not easy to produce. But the result is the stiffest, strongest all-carbon stem available – as verified by EFBe Laboratory. The SL145 is a rock-solid connection from bars to bike that weighs just 135 g (100 mm length). It’s available in lengths from 80mm to 130mm with /- 12 degree angle and 31.8 mm clamp.

Please note the SL145 stem does not ship with a stem top cap. A matching cap may be purchased from our web store or any Zipp dealer.


$250 / €224

Weight (100mm) 135g
Sizes 80,90,100, 110, 120, 130mm
Clamp Diameter 31.8mm
Angle +/- 12
Steer tube diameter 1 1/8 inch with 1 inch reducer shimin
Stack height 40mm
Clamp width 47mm
Clamp torque - max 6Nm