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Cameron Mason loves British-Belgian connection of TRINITY RACING


We caught up with TRINITY RACING’s Cameron Mason as he prepares for the U23 men’s race Saturday at the UCI Cyclocross World Championship in Dübendorf, Switzerland.

How has your 2019/2020 season been?

It’s been really good. It’s been a season of progression. At the start of the season, signing with Trinity, I knew it would be a good platform for me to learn because you have guys like Tom [Pidcock] to get experience from. Every week I’ve been progressing physically and mentally, and learning new skills. It’s been getting better and better in the last month as well. I had a third place at National Champs, then last weekend in Hoogerheide I had my best World Cup of the year. With World Champs, everyone’s gonna be on their best, obviously, and in the U23s it’s a very open race. There’s not one clear favorite, so we’ll just have to see how the legs are.

How’s the course?

It’s rough! It’s just a rough bumpy field that has a few features. The bridges are definitely a feature; they’re going to make it really punchy. Without them it’d be a consistent effort, but you’re going to have to gain speed for them and really kick all the way up. Then there’s two off-camber sections that are going to be pretty important for line choice, when you get off and back on. They’re semi-ridable at the moment, but we’ll see what the weather brings and how that changes. Right now it’s a mid-mud type course.


What type of course do you like?

More mountain-bike tracks—as technical as possible. More mud as well. I enjoy that, being from Scotland and racing in the UK, you’re in mud every weekend. I’ve been getting better on the fast courses, so to be honest, I enjoy what I do well in. So, maybe I’ll start liking the fast courses, too. For now, technical is good.


What is it about TRINITY that’s helped you progress so much?

When Tom offered it to me, there wasn’t much of a decision to be made. It was the best option to be on a British UCI team that’s based in Belgium. Being full time in Belgium is really big. It takes out a lot the travel, and you’re surrounded by the culture every week. Being in that environment with Tom, and our manager Kurt, and Abby-Mae Parkinson, she’s a very strong and experienced rider, so the dynamic of the team is very good. Everyone is developing at their own rate toward their own goals, but everyone’s really ambitious and striving to win races.


What does your 2020 calendar look like?

After Worlds I have two more weeks of racing in Belgium, the end-of-season races. Hopefully I can get some good results and finish the season strong. Then a few weeks off just to recover. This has been the most intense season of my life; I think I’ve done 30 or 40 races in the space of a few months. It’s been full on, and my body is still holding on. But I’m going to have to get recovered. Then I’ll get ready for the summer. I have a bit of a road calendar planned, and I’m hoping to do some off-road stuff as well; a bit of gravel, and some mountain bike things. I’ve been a little focused on Worlds, but I’ll sit down next week and really get everything planned. ‘Cross is definitely the focus for me. What I do in the summer I want it to benefit my ‘cross riding.


What’s it been like racing the 303 Firecrest for cyclocross?

They’re such solid wheels. They’re wide, so they hold the tires really well and give me a lot of confidence. From being on other wheels, coming to Zipp, it’s such a difference. Coupled with the full SRAM ecosystem, it’s the best stuff we could be on. We just use it week in, week out, and don’t have to think about it. That’s all you could want from CX product: You just don’t have to think about it and it works.

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Photos by Charlie Crowhurst for TRINITY RACING