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Bikes of Zipp: Traci Muckridge's Path to Adventure


When Traci Muckridge joined Zipp almost 13 years ago, she wasn’t a cyclist. But being around bikes and people passionate about bikes year after year had a gradual nudging effect.

“I just assumed I worked here, so I might as well start riding,” said Traci, who manages SRAM’s North American credit and accounts receivable functions. She had ridden bikes growing up, mostly 5-mile rides with her dad. “That was kind of my dad’s and my time.”



To get back into bikes, Traci turned to SRAM and Zipp colleagues to help her choose gear and build up a starter bike. She refers to it has her Frankenstein bike…. Built from spare components, the Giant FCR 2 hybrid bike with flat bars, mountain bike shifters and Zipp 60 wheels with pink decals. Traci gets used to the bike and increased her miles. “When I started out, a 5-mile bike ride was a lot for me,” she said.


Four knee surgeries in seven years motivated her to keep riding for fun and low-impact fitness. “I’ve been so comfortable on the Giant, but I wanted something different. I wanted like a road and gravel bike and something that is going to be a little more adept at riding around here and commuting,” Traci said.



So, recently she upgraded to a Specialized Diverge. It’s outfitted with Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubeless Disc-brake wheels and SRAM RED eTap.

These days, Traci is one of the most enthusiastic advocates for encouraging more co-workers to join the Zipp lunch ride. She’s been effective at making the lunch ride feel less for hard-core cyclists and more for everyone here.

She sends out calendar reminders for beginner or intermediate lunch rides. And, on gloomy days, if no one else shows up to ride, she heads out on her own. She simply wants to ride.


About the bike

Wheels: 303 Firecrest Tubeless Disc-brake

Handlebar: Zipp SL-70 Ergo

Stem: Zipp SL Speed

Bar tape: Zipp Service Course CX

Group: SRAM RED eTap

Frame: Specialized Diverge

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