Proven at Kona and in the Tour, the VukaR2C™ aero shifter is a milestone in our efforts to develop cockpit components that combine high-performance aerodynamics with superior ergonomics.

Once you position the lever at the natural angle for your hand position, the VukaR2C’s return-to-center actuation resets the lever to its original angle after every shift, keeping you as low and as comfortable as possible.

Weighing just 180 g per pair, the VukaR2C also is the first plug-in shifter designed with an aerodynamic profile that saves up to 6 seconds over 40 km compared with a standard lever. The VukaR2C is a plug-in shifter, with two separate versions available to be compatible with SRAM® or Shimano® 10 speed only. (Please note: You must buy the VukaR2C that is compatible with your brand of drivetrain.)

The VukaR2C fits most aero bar extensions but is optimized for use with a new version of Zipp®’s VukaShift extensions.

Note: There are two bolts on the VukaR2C shifters. One uses a 4 mm Allen wrench and one uses 5 mm Allen wrench. The 4 mm bolt (see picture) is used to attached the shifter to the shifter boss for installation into an aero bar. The 5 mm bolt is used to keep the shifter assembly in one piece. The 5 mm bolt can be loosened to adjust the angle of attack of the shifter lever, but should NEVER be removed. Removing the 5 mm bolt can cause the shifter to come apart. Learn more here.

The R2C service kit must be ordered from your Zipp dealer or distributor.




$391 / €350

Weight 180g
Mechanism Return to Center (R2C)
Versions SRAM, Shimano