Silca Valve Adapter Floor Pump 300x229.jpg

Disc Valve Adapter

This precisely machined pump head is a must for hassle-free disc inflation.

Vuka Alumina Clip Armr ST PAQ Kit 11 6618 001 000 300x229.jpg

Vuka Arm Pads

Designed for superior comfort and durability.

ACC Vuka Aero Grip Tape 80 1900 011 000 300x229.jpg

Vuka Grip Tape

This ergonomically designed grip tape perfectly fits your VukaAero handgrips.

ACC Vuka Aero Pad Wing Ext 80 1900 012 000 300x229.jpg

Vuka Pad Wing Extension

Get comfortable, produce optimum power, and reduce drag.


Consumer Internal Nipple Tool

Simple 5.2mm internal nipple truing tool for spoke tension adjustments. 

WhiteDecal Set 1 Wheel 404 Zipp Logo Wht 11 1918013 005 500x400.jpg

Zipp 2013 Classic White decal set

Give your wheels a fresh look with the Zipp's 2013 Classic White style decals. Specific sizes available for carbon wheel (202, 303, 404 and 808) and discs. Separate decals available for Zipp 101 wheelset.