Zipp_Road_SL_Speed_Bottle_Cage_Flatblack 500x400.jpg

Zipp SL Speed Carbon Bottle Cage

The SLSpeed carbon bottle cage features an all-new ultra-light (18g) design engineered for flexibility and strength. Optimized for both side and direct bottle entry.

Now available in White, Red or original Black.

Zipp_Road_Alumina_Bottle_Cage 500x400.jpg

Zipp Alumina Bottle Cage

Worry free hydration when speed matters. The new Alumina aluminum cage (27grams) shares the same innovative sleek design as the carbon SLSpeed cage. Available in Anodized Blast Black or Aluminum Silver.

Purist Water Bottles 300x229.jpg

Zipp Water Bottles

You'll love these new distinctive Zipp bottles from the first squeeze. 



Low Road position places the computer in front of the bar and nearly flush with the top of the bar, making for an easy to read display whether you are on the hoods or in the drops.

Handlebar Cushion Tape 00 1918 011 000 500x400.jpg

Handlebar gel pad set

Helps dampen bumps, road vibrations for a smoother ride.

Service Course Road Bar Tape Red 00 1915 126 020 250x250.jpg

Service course handlebar tape

Red, black or white handle bar tape embossed with "Service Course."