Aero-Edge – Time Savings

Aerodynamics is where equipment has the greatest effect on your performance, which is why the wind tunnel is so important. But there's a difference between testing wheels in the wind tunnel and actually developing them there.

Zipp's unrivaled wind tunnel development process is more than just a glorified photo shoot. We start with literally dozens of non-structural SLA prototypes that we can reshape on the spot to hone in on the fastest design. The ones that make the cut return as structurally sound prototypes that we re-test to confirm our original findings before we ever make a production-quality molding tool. Zipp's mission is to help you go faster. That's why our wheels are race-ready before they're camera-ready. We've redesigned the most popular wheels in our line: the 303, 404, and 808. Armed with new information from the Sub-9 and 1080 projects, we spent more than 100 hours in the wind tunnel with two dozen prototype shapes. The results were astonishing: reduced drag at every wind angle from 0°-25,° and drag savings of 18-82 grams for the 303, 7-28 grams for the 404, and 8-25 grams for the 808. Even better, the biggest improvements for all of the rims came in the most common range of wind angles between 10°-20.°