Customize Your Cockpit



Most aero extensions are built around the tradeoff between clean lines and adjustability. Not so with the VukaClip™, which gives you an incredible range of fine-tuning but only the most stripped-down frontal area.
Using the VukaAero™’s compression sleeve system without any external clamps or bolts, the VukaClip allows four axes of adjustment to the extensions: fore-aft, vertical, rotational and angular. The replaceable EVA foam pads are supported either directly above or 12.5 mm behind the base bar and may be rotated to give 42 possible positional combinations for maximum comfort and control.

This unique clip-on aero bar is designed with internal cable routing for Zipp® VukaExtensions' chicane, straight, ski tip or VukaShift's (chicane) extensions, which may be cut up to 90 mm to give an overall length adjustment of nearly 120 mm. Weight is 390 g for VukaClip™ and about 105 g for extensions (available separately).

The precision-machined aluminum body is shot-peened for added fatigue strength. All parts are coated with our special anodizing process to eliminate any sweat corrosion.

VukaClip is sized for 31.8 mm bars like Zipp’s VukaBull and SLC2™, and includes precision machined spacers for 26.0 mm bars. The VukaClip does not include aero extensions. Your choice of chicane, straight, ski tip or VukaShift (chicane) are available individually.


$175 / €157

Weight 390g
Max Torque Clamping to Bar 7NM
Max Torque for Compression Sleeve 5NM
Stack Height Bar Top to Pad Top Minimum 35mm
Stack Height Bar Top to Pad Top Max with Risers 47mm
Extension Diameter
Max 22.2mm
Min 22.0mm