Ronnie Schildknecht

Sport/discipline: Triathlon Long Distance

About Ronnie: Long before endurance sport was on his mind Ronnie was a talented tennis player -- he even once played against Roger Federer. Ronnie says, "I lost 6:4/6:4, but didn’t do near as good as him later on." During a language stay in San Diego Ronnie got hooked on a sport called triathlon. And he hasn't stopped training since. He turned pro after winning his first Ironman® Switzerland title in 2007.

Hometown: Zurich

Current residence: Switzerland

SRAM® products used: SRAM RED Black Edition for the Road and Quarq power meter

Zipp® products used: 404 Firecrest® Tubular, plus the Super-9 disc combined with the 808 Firecrest. For training the Zipp 101.

Favorite SRAM product and why: Definitely the R2C Aero Shifters, the comfort of the return to center technology is awesome and aerodynamically proven.

Favorite Zipp product and why: I love the the new Zipp Super-9 disc. Why? Because it does not only feels fast, it actually is the fastest wheel I have ever had.

Do you train with a SRAM-Quarq® power meter? Yes. It’s a great and very useful tool in training and racing. Pacing is key in Ironman®. So the Quarq helps me to stay controlled about my power output.

What is one surprising or helpful thing you learned about yourself from training and/or racing with power? Like I said, it is a great tool to stay in control in terms of pacing. It helps me getting the best average power output over 112 miles. What I learned is that the feeling is always subjective and having a “objective” power meter to control my feeling is crucial and helped me to make the right decisions (going faster or slower).

You’re stranded on a desert island and you have to choose one of each of the following:

One album? It’s a swiss group called Pegasus
One candy? If I have a fridge along it would be swiss chocolate of course!
One vice? Is coffee a vice?

Notable Race Results:

- First SUB8 hour finisher in North America (IM Florida)
- Ironman® Florida champ (2011)
- 5 time Ironman® Switzerland champ (07/08/09/10/11)
- 4th place Ironman® Hawaii 2008


Facebook: Ronnie I-Ron Schildknecht 

Twitter: @ronschildknecht