Jenna Parker

Sport/discipline: Triathlon

About Jenna: Jenna turned pro in 2003 about three months after she did my first triathlon. Jenna is currently pursuing a career in the entertainment industry (acting) in her free time.

Hometown: Sudbury, Mass.

Current residence: Los Angeles

Zipp® products used: 303 Firecrest® tubular race wheels, Sub-9 Disc wheel for non-draft racing

Favorite Zipp product and why: I love my 303 Firecrests. They are a bit of a sleeper, I think. A lot of people go for the 404s but I like how the 303 Firecrests handle and I find them perfect for road racing and draft legal racing – the perfect balance between speed and function.

Do you train with a SRAM-Quarq power meter? Yes.

What is one surprising or helpful thing you learned about yourself from training and/or racing with power? I don't actually look at the numbers all that much, I leave that to my coaches. I just ride hard and let them deal with analyzing the data.

You’re stranded on a desert island and you have to choose one of each of the following:

One album? A near impossible question to answer. I guess I'll say Adele – 21.

One candy? Chocolate covered gummy bears

One vice? French fries

Notable Race Results:

3rd Tour of the Bahamas Women P123 (cycling race) 2012 – winner of the Time Trial stage

1st Giant Eagle Triathlon 2011

2nd NYC Triathlon 2011

3rd US A Draft Legal Series 2011

2nd Philadelphia Triathlon 2010

2nd Escape from Alcatraz 2010

2nd Pan American Championships 2009

2nd US Pro Triathlon Nationals 2009



Twitter: @JennaParkerLive