Emma Snowsill

Sport/discipline: ITU Triathlon

About Emma: She is the 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist and a three time ITU World Champion. Emma Started as a swimmer, eventually found triathlon, pro since 2002 and never fulfilled the height criteria to be a basketballer at 161 cm.

Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia

Current residence: Saarbrucken, Germany

SRAM® products used: SRAM RED – very excited about the new 2012 edition and XX on my MTB

Zipp® products used: 101s, 303 Firecrest®, 404 Firecrest

Favorite SRAM product and why: SRAM RED – because I expect high performance and it delivers and for sure my special GOLD edition

Favorite Zipp product and why: 303 Firecrest - because it means it time to race.

You’re stranded on a desert island and you have to choose one of each of the following:

One album? Kings of Leon – Only by the Night

One candy? Cote d’Or dark chocolate and hazelnuts

One vice? Red wine

Notable Race Results:

3 time World Champion, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Champion

Website: emma-snowsill.com

Facebook: Emma Snowsill

Twitter: @emmasnowsill