David Thompson

Sport/discipline: Triathlon, Non-drafting Olympic and Long course triathlons (Classics of Triathlon)

About David: Hi, My name is David Thompson, and I'm a recovering professional triathlete. I turned "pro" in 2004, so this will be my 9th season trying to make a living in the sport of triathlon. Outside triathlon, I enjoy home remodeling, bicycle mechanics, COD Black Ops Zombies, and working on solutions for the world's problems. If you're reading this, I hope you're enjoying life as much as I do. Have a great day.

Hometown: Appleton, Minn.

Current residence: Saint Paul, Minn.

SRAM® products used: Race set up: SRAM RED TT group; training: SRAM Rival TT group

Zipp® products used: Race set up: 808 Firecrest® tubular front Wheel and Sub-9 tubular disc rear wheel, Zipp VukaClip™ aero bars and extensions.

Favorite SRAM product and why: Gore Ride-On Cable and Housing Kit is my favorite SRAM product. I installed a kit on my road bike this last season and it shifted like a new bike all year.

Favorite Zipp product and why: Zipp 18 mm white rim strip is my favorite Zipp product because it's more rot resistance, wider, less likely to slip, and has a lower profile for easier tire installation than conventional rim strip.

Do you train with a SRAM-Quarq® power meter? Yes, I've been training with a Quarq power meter for two going on three seasons and I love it.... A big plus is I can change back and forth between race and training wheels without losing my power meter.

What is one surprising or helpful thing you learned about yourself from training and/or racing with power? I race harder if I know what my power out put is. It's hard to feel a 10 watt different, and knowing what you can do is a motivator.

You’re stranded on a desert island and you have to choose one of each of the following:

One album? Weezer Blue Album

One candy? Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

One vice? I'm mean

Notable Race Results:

8th 2011 Hy Vee 5150 Championship

3rd 2011 Rev3 Series

5th 2011 Toyota Cup Series

69 career wins, 14 course records

Website: www.thompsontri.com