Belinda Granger

Sport/discipline: Triathlon, predominantly Ironman® and 70.3

About Belinda: She has been a professional triathlete now for 14 years but have been competing in the sport of triathlon for over 20 years. Belinda has finished close to 50 Ironman®-distance races so far and plan on finishing quite a few more. "I love my life as a professional triathlete and couldn't think of anything else I would rather be doing," according to Belinda. She taught full time as a physical education teacher for 12 years before she decided to take on triathlon full time. Belinda is an avid lover of coffee and red wine.... "Could not tell you the last time a day went by ‘caffeine-free’ is just too short to not drink good coffee." :)

Hometown: Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia

Current residence: Noosa, Sunshine Coast

SRAM® products used: Complete SRAM RED groupset.

Zipp products used: For training, pair of 101s (clinchers) or 404 Firecrest® Carbon Clinchers), Zipp carbon bottle cages. for racing- 404/808 Firecrest combo (tubulars).

Favorite SRAM product and why: R2C aero shifter... genius!! Apart from the shifting being super smooth, having the shifter stay in the same position after every shift is not only aero but also so comfortable.

Favorite Zipp product and why: Well, I was going to say my Firecrest race wheels as they are super sexy and fly but then I had a good think about it and really I love my 101 clinchers wheel set - it is with me every day, never lets me down, gets all the dirty work and is as hard as nails... It gets the job done!

You’re stranded on a desert island and you have to choose one of each of the following:

One album? Any of the ‘Ministry of Sound’ mixes

One candy? Large Pythons by ‘Allens’.....they are about a meter long and come in all different colours and are delish...or maybe jelly beans....too hard to choose!

One vice? Would have to be my absolute love of caffeine and red wine... but are these really vices?... I am not so sure.

Notable Race Results: I have 13 Ironman® distance titles to my name and six top 10 finishes at the Ironman® World Championships in Hawaii. My titles include- 3x IM Malaysia, 3x IM Korea, 2x IM Canada, 1x IM China, 1x IM Lake Placid, 2x Challenge Wanaka, 1x Challenge Roth. I have also been inducted into the ‘Ironman Hall of Fame’ here in Australia. I also have 8 x IM 70.3 titles including Pt. Macquarie 70.3, Antwerp 70.3, Singapore 70.3, China 70.3, Philippines 70.3, Hawaii 70.3 x2, Japan 70.3.

Facebook: Belinda Granger

Twitter: @belinda_granger