Butyl inner tube 700c

Use the Zipp valve extenders and wrench to position the valve core at the end of the extender - making it easier to control air flow and add sealant if required.

Zipp Tangente Butyl Tubes 700x20-28 & 700x28-32

The Zipp® Tangente butyl tubes are designed to meet the needs of a new era of road riding that includes adventures aboard wider tires. 

700x20-28 or

Zipp Tangente Valve Extenders (for threaded, non-removable Presta Valve tubes)

Precision engineered for precise inflation of your Zipp wheels.

Zipp Tube Valve Extender by Silca™

Zipp is proud to partner with Silca™ to offer a premium valve extender with a stylish innovative design that eliminates annoying rattle between the extender and rim valve hole.

Zipp Tangente Valve Extenders (for removable Presta valve tubes)

Works with Zipp® butyl inner tubes with a removable core as well as other leading tubular tires and inner tubes that have removable cores.

Tangente Tubular Tires

Apply Zipp's ABLC dimples to the fastest-moving parts of your bike. Available in 21mm or 23mm.