Zipp Integrated Valve Extender Kits, 303-1080

This convenient package includes three Zipp integrated valve extenders (so your spare tube is ready to go when you need it) as well as a set of two Tangente Valve Wrenches, which are required for proper installation of the extenders.

The integrated valve extenders work with Zipp® butyl inner tubes with a removable core as well as other leading tubular tires and inner tubes that have removable cores. (Important note: These integrated extenders are not compatible with some older model Zipp Tangente™ Tubular Tires. Those tires use the older Zipp Valve Extenders.)

For ease of use the core is located at the end of the valve extender. Made of lightweight aluminum, and featuring an integrated air seal, the extenders are designed with the same attention to detail and performance that’s built into Zipp wheels and other products.

Following sizes available:

- 27 mm (1 g) for 303 model wheels.

- 41 mm (2 g) for 404 models.

- 65 mm (4 g) for 808 models.

- 91 mm (6 g) for 1080 models.

(Sizing note: Due to the shorter 25 mm length of the Tangente Tubular Valve stem it is recommended to move up one size of valve extender to allow enough extender coming out of the rim.)
A small amount of grease is required to seal the threads of the valve extension and valve core. The extensions include an instruction manual and require the Tangente Valve Wrench Set for proper assembly. 

Installation notes: We always recommend you have your components serviced and installed by a qualified bicycle mechanic. (For photos of installation, please visit Zipp integrated extenders page and click on ALTERNATE IMAGES to the left.)

1. Place 5 mm end of first wrench on wrench flats of tube-valve body and 4 mm end of second wrench on flats of removal Presta-valve core.

2. Turn 4 mm wrench to loosen Presta-valve core.

3. Remove Presta-valve core.

4. Apply small amount of grease to seal and threads at bottom of valve extender.

5. Screw bottom of valve extender into tube-valve body.

6. Tighten using 5 mm ends of two wrenches in order to achieve good seal.

7. Apply small amount of grease to seal and threads of removable Presta-valve core.

8. Screw Presta-valve core into top of valve extender.

9. Use 5 and 4 mm wrenches to tighten Presta-valve core into extender to achieve good seal.

10. Treat as an ordinary tube where you can open Presta-valve locknut for inflation before closing again. 

11. After complete assembly, install tube or tubular tire according to your tube or tire manufacturer’s instructions.